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Skin Categories

Normal Skin:

Normal skin is neither too oily nor too dry. Its texture is firm and rather smooth, with a uniform pore type. It is evenly colored with no visible patches or blemishes. Normal skin usually displays a healthy glowing appearance.

The pores are generally small therefore no excess oil, which means that normal skin, tends to become dry with age. Some normal skins might be a little dry or dehydrated, others a bit oily – usually in the T-Zone area.

Dry Skin:
Dry Skin lacks both oil and moisture. The appearance is scaly/and/or flaky due to accumulation of dead surface cells. The texture is often Keratinized (enlarged suffocated pores) hard and rough, with dull uneven coloring. Due to the lack of oil and moisture, the skin loses its firmness & elasticity and forms fine/deep lines and wrinkles easily.

Oily Skin:
Oily skin usually displays a shiny appearance due to excess oil produced by overactive sebaceous glands, hormonal imbalance or as a result of specific types of medications. Its texture may be thicker & accompanied by enlarged pores. It does not show the signs of ageing as early as other skin types but a major problem with oily skin is that it is susceptible to bacteria, which thrive on oil and promote the onset of pimples & blemishes that often lead to chronic or severe acne.

Combination Skin:
this skin type is characteristic of the three different skin types above. The most common pattern is an oily T-Zone indicating that the skin on the forehead, nose and chin is oily and the skin elsewhere (cheeks) is normal or dry. Due to these varying factors a man's skin care regime may have to include separate products to address the specific needs of each area.

Sensitive Skin:
Sensitive skin may be hyper-allergic to cosmetic ingredients even if they are natural, causing it to become inflamed, sore or itchy. Some sensitive skins however, may be more prone to reactions such as; touch, certain foods, or changes in temperature. These sensitivities need to be addressed carefully and each new product should be used separately to gage and record any possible reactions.

Step Two: Pick your skin care fitness routine.

Moderate to Severe
Cleanser– BiON Glycolic
Treatment– BiON Acne Inhibiting Gel
Post Treatment– BiON Glycolic Gel
Moisturizer– BiON Green Tea Mask
Acne–Combination to Normal

Moderate to Severe
Cleanser– BiON Bacteriostat
Treatment– BiON Acne Inhibiting Gel
Post Treatment– BiON Salicyclic-Glycolic Gel
Moisturizer– BiON Green Tea Mask
Acne–Dry to Sensitive Skin

Moderate to Severe
Cleanser– BiON Antibacterial
Treatment– BiON Follicle Clearing
Post Treatment– BiON Green Tea Mask
Moisturizer– BiON Moisture Complex
Acne Prone Skin

Light to Moderate
Cleanser– Skin Rx Pore-Clearing Cleanser
Toner– Skin Rx Pore Purifying Toner
Treatment– Skin Rx Rescue Gel
Moisturizer– Skin Rx Shine Free Solution

Heal Herpes Simplex& Cold Sores Fast!
Cleanser– BiON Antibacterial
Treatment– BiON Acne Inhibiting Gel
Moisturizer– BiON Moisture Complex

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