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Hypnosis has been called the “New Way to Successful Living”. It can bring great benefits to your life – more energy, better health, lasting peace of mind, success and happiness. It is using the vast potential of your mind to reshape your reality. There is almost no limit to what you can do when you use hypnosis to help you accomplish your heart’s desire – it can release that hidden potential within you! You will learn how to bypass your conscious thoughts and tap into your subconscious mind – to re-program yourself for the life youhave always wanted to live! It’s fun, easy and life-changing.
Initial $150 Hypnotherapy Session $100


Specialty Areas for Transformation

Weight Reduction and Management
Smoking Cessation
Improve Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
Eliminate Apprehensions and Fears & PTSD
Overcome Grief
Performance Enhancement
Past Life Exploration
Self Hypnosis

Hypnotherapist information

Private Health Coaching

with Gretchen,

Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor

Somatic exercise is learning the language of the neuromuscular  system. The nervous system governs every function in the body including all muscular tension.
Far different than conventional exercise, a Somatic Educator will show you how to target precise areas of tightness using slow movement, easy positioning and a system of light contractions with slow release of specific muscles to  re-set and relieve chronic muscular tension. Practiced seated or on a comfortable surface, Somatic movement can potentially become your personal tool to increase and maintain joint mobility, balance work and muscle coordination.

Gretchen can give you the tools to change your lifestyle! You can feel energized, enthusiastic and focused with the right program and coach designed just for you!

We offer weekdays, evenings, and weekends for your convenience.
Private Session - $60/hr
Customized Small Group Sessions are Available.
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