Feet Rejuvenation

Reflexology is a science in the health field, which stimulates neuro-reflex points most common in the foot or hand. Stimulating the reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way, revitalizing the body to promote healing. $45 Learn more

Signature Spa Reflexology with Detox is our exclusive spa foot therapy experience! Signature Spa Reflexology is our exclusive spa foot therapy experience! We will start with a rejuvenating, healing, and relaxing Reflexology treatment.  Next, we will give you lower legs and feet a wonderfully stimulating massage using Eve Taylor serum specialized for detoxing and drainage. We will finish this treatment with our foot detoxification treatment for your total body health. 1.5 hours for $125

Spa Therapy Massage & Reflexology is what we believe is the best of both Reflexology and Massage.  When we work on your feet during Reflexology and open up your terminal reflexes to aid in overall healing, the next best thing is to go to the effected areas of your body and work on it!  This is exactly what we do- your feet will feel revived and your body will get some important attention..To your good health!  1hr $80

Signature Warm Acu-Reflex is a synergistic combination of two Asian therapies is the total body wellness treatment of the orient. Reflexology is performed while hot stones are placed on your organ points for your maximum benefit. We combine Reflexology and Acupressure for the deepest relaxation, body-systemic balancing, & release of deep muscle tension. 1hr $80


Enhance your massage with a hand & foot treatment! Three treatment options for your specific needs.

Extremely Buff Foot Treatment
This us our most advanced, result-oriented treatment for your dry, cracked, or calloused feet! This is for anyone who wants smooth and soft feet again! For this treatment, we get out the big guns; this is an intense microdermabrasion resurfacing treatment. It's not for wimps! This treatment will change how your feet look and feel immediately! $100

Hand & Foot Polish
Increase your indulgence with our aromatherapy sugar polish. As with many of our specialty treatments, you will choose your favorite aroma from our 5 signature aromatherapy blends, which will be mixed in your massage oil, personalized for your experience . Our polish is a blend fine organic sugar with microdermabrasion crystals, infused with your choice of aromatherapy massage oil.  Fingers to elbows, Toes to knees will experience a relaxing massage followed by an invigorating scrub. 30 min $45

Hand & Foot Treat
Great upgrade to massage or facial! Enjoy a foot, leg, arm & hand massage using your choice of our Peppermint Glycolic treatment to smooth, revive and repair, or our Coconut Butter to soothe, super hydrate, and renew your skin. If you just waxed or shaved, please let us know, we will not use Glycolic Cream.  $20



Foot Detox Treatment
There are many things you can do to help your body regain its health and vitality. An important first step to a healthy body and mind is detoxification, the process by which you eliminate wastes, chemicals, allergens and toxins out of your body. 30 minutes $45 You won't believe the results! If you have gout pain, it will be gone! Review the principles and more benefits.


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