All of our services are customized to address your personal skin care needs. Prices vary from $85-145. Standard Facials are 50 minutes.  We are goal oriented with all of our facials. They will not be focused on relaxation (though we give a mean neck, shoulder and hand massage). We are focused on results, as well as your short term and long term skin care goals.


Spa Therapy Unique Facials

1st Timer’s Facial - Please complete the Facial Consent and Waxing Consent.
In order to set you up for success, this is your first facial at Spa Therapy Wellness Center. This 75 min. facial will establish and target your skin care needs and identify contraindication. In addition, this facial includes a complete home care kit for 4 weeks. The 1st Timer's Facial will identify your skin type, reactions to products, best type of facials treatments going forward, your short and long term skin care goals, and the right home care. This facial should be performed prior to any aggressive treatment, such as Hydro-Microdermabrasion,  and AHA peels (you will be patch tested for during this facial). 75 minutes $141.00

Advanced Acne Facial Package
This is a controlled acne healing & recovery program for your moderate to severe acne. You will receive 4 facials in 1 month (30 min. ea), plus 1 extraction appt., plus complete customized home care. This plan will set you up for success. Your acne will be under control and healing when your 4 facials are completed in this time frame. $268.65 for all appts. PLUS complete homecare; Antibacterial Cleanser, Mandelic Serum, Green Tea Clay Poultice,Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen.

Acne Treatment
Great way to start your homecare acne program for mild to moderate acne and rosasea.  
This treatment with powerful acne care products will show visible clearing within 48 hours. Advanced detoxification with Micro-current technology is used to improve results, eliminate redness, and bacterial infection. Finishing with Blue light Phototherapy for P-acne. You won't get these healing results anywhere else with any other treatment! 50 min. $145

Aromatherapy Facial Package
This facial will enhance the results of our Spa Therapy Organic Facial with the use of professional aromatherapy oils. Eve Taylor Aromatherapy products contain active ingredients that are beyond cosmetic, they work deeper than the upper layer of skin giving highly effective results. This facial includes a custom homecare aromatherapy oil blend to enhance your daily skin care results. 50 min. for $125 with homecare products. Learn more.

Arctic Berry Facial Peel
This cannot be your first facial at Spa Therapy.  This is aggressive exfoliation and peel that requires preliminary skin care performed in our initial facial.  
What if you could target aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin in just 3 steps? Transformation begins with an active exfoliation from our Enzyme Exfoliant, followed by the Professional Advanced Peel Activator MA20 (multi-acid 20% at 2 Ph), a naturally-derived activating peel.  For optimum results, 4 professional treatments are recommended over a 16 week period. 30 min. $100

Beyond Organic 'Purity Facial' 
When you book this facial, our biodynamic products are 25% off!
Our Beyond Organic Facial is the most potent of ingredients on earth, and is your facial if you have any sensitive skin issues. The ingredients of these products are focused on reducing and repairing inflammation. Biodynamic means your products have the highest standards of organics on the planet and hold to strick farming views.
More info on what Biodynamics can do for you. 50 min. $95.

Deep Therapy Facial
This cannot be your first facial at Spa Therapy.  This is aggressive exfoliation and peel that requires preliminary skin care performed in our initial facial.  
This cannot be your first facial at Spa Therapy.  This is aggressive exfoliation and peel that requires preliminary skin care performed in our initial facial.

Combine Hydro-Microdermabrasion's exfoliation power and Microcurrent's deep product penetration and you get our Deep Therapy Facial. Microcurrent technology will give you a natural facelift and offer deep product penetration. Superhydrating Hydro-Microdermabrasion system will plump and eliminate your fine lines. Your skin will glow with health and beauty. 50 minutes minutes for $120

Our Organic Featured Facial
This is our Eminence Organic Facial introducing you to our newly launched products! Always designed for your skin's seasonal needs with leading-edge ingredients. This is the only facial you will receive the latest and most advanced products from our most popular Eminence Organics skin care line.  50 minutes for $85
Take a virtual tour & find out why we choose Eminence Organics for your skin.

Glycolic Peel
This 30 minute treatment uses BiON pure glycolic acid at 2.4Ph. The result are very impressive; within a few days your skin will be renewed and your youthful glow will return. 30 min. $70 Upgrade to your customized treatment $30

This cannot be your first facial at Spa Therapy.  This is aggressive exfoliation and peel that requires preliminary skin care performed in our initial facial.
This is the newest technology advancement in the skin care industry. This treatment will lift your skin with 3 levels of dermabrasion combined with our unique hydro-infused system. Your skin is superhydrated and the results are amazing after one treatment. This treatment feels very gentle compared to conventional Microdermabrasion, therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you can have this treatment too! 30 minutes for $100 Learn more.

Longer Facial Please!!
If you would like an additional 30 minutes to any facial, this is for you! Our Hydro-Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent Turbo-boost, and Peel's are all 30 minute facials. When you upgrade your facial to will receive additional face, neck, and decollete massage and custom facial masque.

Microcurrent Sculpting Facial
This is a 50 minute skin rejuvenation program using gentle electrical stimulation. Your skin is detoxed through the dermis, then our products will penetrate rapidly into the skin. Outlines of the face are strengthened and naturally lifted, muscle tone is improved in the face and neck, jowls and eyebrows lifted. Great for rosacea, mature skin, and acne. 50 minutes for $110   A series is called Turbo-Boost is an intensive treatment focused on lifting, toning and tightening your skin, offered once weekly for 6-10 weeks.  50 min. series $90 ea. Learn more.

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that enhances or creates eyebrows. Instead of the traditional eyebrow tattoo, Microblading is very small hair like strokes which makes your brows look very natural. This procedure uses a small hand held tool that places pigment into the second layer of the Epidermis. $450 includes consultation, treatment, and f/u touch up. 
Not available during facial schedule. Learn more.

Oxygen Facial
Oxygen acts as a carrier for vitamins and minerals vital to the skin. Power all treatments into the skin- intensify the results! Oxygen also contains natural healing effects, making this facial perfect for smokers and those who spend a lot of time exposed to the sun. Glowing Results!  50 minutes for $95

Quickie Facial
Try our lunch-time facial for a reviving glow! Deep pore cleanse, exfoliating treatment and customized booster with facial massage. 30 minutes in-and-out for anyone on the go. We will apply mineral make-up foundation for a finishing touch. $50

Ultra-Violet & Infra-Red Phototherapy
Heal your Acne or Stimulate Collagen & Elastin with medical-grade Phototherapy.  Ask us if this will help you!  Include with any facial for accelerated benefits and healing 30 min. for $45

Waxing Services 

Half Legs $45   Full Legs $80 (up to panty line)
Full Arms $50   Half Arms $35
Upper Lip $10   Chin $10
Brow Design $15   Full Face $35 (no eyebrows)
Bikini Line $30   French Bikini $40
Back $60   Chest $60
Underarms $25      
Initial Brazilian  $70  
Brazilian maintenance  $55 (every 4-6 weeks)  

Flawless Mineral Make-Up Artistry
Clean & Beautiful Mineral Make-Up

Full Mineral Application $45
Bride only $65
Each Additional Attendant $35

The Health & Beauty of Mineral Make-Up!
What makes Spa Minerals so good? It's the refinement of the grains..One coat to cover instead of the standard four!

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